More voices mean smarter cities

Urban cityscape. Photo: © Curt Carnemark / World Bank

In his blog post entitled More voices mean smarter cities Stephen Davenport discusses how the Open Cities project, like other OpenDRI efforts, is building momentum towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Creating mechanisms for participation in urban planning can be as traditional as institutionalizing town meetings on zoning issues or as innovative as deploying digital platforms for community mapping. For instance, a number of initiatives, such as the Open Cities Project, illustrate the ways in which citizens can help contribute information to the policymaking process.

Open Cities draws on inputs from a range of groups to “create usable information through community mapping techniques, to build applications and tools that inform decision making, and to develop the networks of trust and social capital necessary for these efforts to become sustainable.” The project informs World Bank investment planning on addressing urban challenges and disaster risk in pilot cities in South Asia.