The World Bank Group is offering support to further advance disaster resilience in the country by launching the Armenia National Disaster Risk Management Program. The OpenDRI team is just starting to support programs in Armenia.

Understanding Armenia’s Risks

Located on the Alps-Himalaya seismic zone, Armenia has historically been prone to earthquakes. The last devastating earthquake in 1988 rocked Spitak, killing 25,000 people and injuring 19,000, severely damaging 517,000 homes and causing an estimated economic loss of US$ 15 – 20 billion in Northern parts of the country.

Floods in the country also pose serious danger. For instance, flooding in 2010 caused an estimated US$ 10 million in damage. However, this list of natural disasters is not complete; Armenia also faces other hazards such as droughts, hail storms and landslides. The Government of Armenia has recognized the importance of disaster risk management, highlighting that natural hazards threaten the country’s development.