Demystifying Satellite Assets for Post-Disaster Situation Awareness

spatial-impact-assessment-google-docDemystifying Satellite Assets for Post-Disaster Situation Awareness is a live document put together by the World Bank, published openly on Google Docs for comments, corrections, and critiques.

Timely remotely sensed information is largely-underutilized by emergency response decision makers at the ground level. There has been a lack of information about what imagery/analysis is available where, and it’s challenging to get it into the right hands at the right time to significantly improve the outcome of emergency or development operations. Streamlining the process to discover and use satellite data assets will lead to improved post-disaster situational awareness.

This report aims to provide an accessible, up-to-date summary of all satellite imagery and remote sensing analysis assets available to the emergency response community (including government disaster management agencies and related ministries; intergovernmental bodies; non-governmental organizations; local experts; scientists and academics; and the public). This resource will enable end-users to efficiently access reliable data sources, rather than redirecting to outdated and sometimes hard-to-navigate websites.

The community can also explore or download the open data source behind the report: Satellite Sensor Resources.