Upcoming Sri Lankan Disaster Management Centre Fellowship and RiskInfo Launch

By Robert Banick

In partnership with the Open Data for Resilience Initiative, Code for Resilience will award qualified Sri Lankan developers three month fellowships to work together on a code-based project that can benefit disaster management in Sri Lanka. The fellows will be given a problem statement by the Sri Lankan Disaster Management Centre, a training on open source tools that could help address that problem, and two check-ins with their government counterparts to guide their work. The project is still in the early stages.

By contrast the RiskInfo spatial data platform is nearing launch. RiskInfo is a disaster-centric GeoNode to be managed by the Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka (DMC). It will allow disaster management professionals and interested citizens open access to risk data, hazard maps and other resources produced by the DMC and its partners in disaster management. After some needed design work and minor fixes to the underlying code RiskInfo will be ready for its official launch by the DMC in July 2016.